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Health & Safety


Breakfast includes milk, coffee or tea and juice.
The basic breakfast options for two or three people are two.
For four or five people the options are three.
Each additional option is charged 12,00 euro.  

Croissant picnic basket
Boiled egg, croissant, greek sweat bread, cake, wholegrain bread, white bread, turmeric, village breadsticks, chocolate/vanilla muffin
Greek pies basket
Cheese pie kouros, french pastry, rustic spinach pie, rustic cheese pie
Greek cheese variety
Elassona cheese, Creta gruyere, Halkidiki feta, Thessaly manouri
Cold cuts
Turkey, steak, prosciutto, lefkada salami
Dessert basket
Baklava, kantaifi, galaktoboureko, almond triangle, soft cookies
Bread basket honey, jam, butter
Jams of three different flavors, tahini, honey, butter, margarine, nuts, dried fruits, energy cereal bars
Healthy omelette
Manouri cheese, tomato, avocado, turkey
Greek omelette
Olives, tomato, fresh onion, peppers, oregano, feta
Omelette vegetarian
Green zucchini, peppers, mushrooms
Sandwich salmon
Multigrain bread with horseradish mayo, smoked salmon, lemon fillet, cucumber, poached egg
Bruschetta load prosciutto cotto
Truffle mayonnaise, French salad, tomato
Spinach omelette
Baby spinach, fresh onion, fresh dill, yogurt
French fries with eggs and grilled sausages
Cool fruit salad
Salty pancake
Bacon, edam, tomatoes, spicy mayo, fried egg
Healthy pancake yogurt ,muesli, honey, fresh fruits
Yogurt 2%, muesli, honey, fresh seasonal fruits
Cruncy muesli with chocolate flakes and milk of your choice
Milk low fat,Whole Milk,Almond Milk,Vanilla Milk, Soya Milk
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