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In a luxury environment by the sea, completely relaxed and calm, surrendered to the Mediterranean sun? Well, then you’re definitely in the right place. Because in Villa D’Oro we make your ideal vacation setting a reality!

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“The best experience ever. Would recommended it to everyone. We got married in Chalkidiki, and stayed at Villa D’Oro Resort, and it was a dream come true.”


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Destination Chalkidiki

If Chalkidiki is an “island” you can access by car then Porto Koufo is a lake you can sail from the sea!

What lies behind the cliffs to the south of Sithonia? A secret harbour through an opening just 300m wide. This is the ancient Toronaios port, mentioned by Thucydides as the largest and most secure port in Ancient Greece. It was nicknamed the “deaf port” because you cannot hear the sea if you stand inside the gulf.

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